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Mettshe is a yoga wear wellness brand that offers all the useful yoga wear items to support us to be comfortable and enjoyable in each breath in yoga, helping us to detox the stress of life and to create wellness & well-being for both body and mind.

We are trying to select a few influencers to try our new leggings and send us some authentic product experience and reviews.

We understand perfectly it’s not only about yoga, you can easily find numbers of leggings everywhere, but we did put a lot of work of bring a better one with:

Fabric: 61% Nylon and 31 Lycra
·Breathable and Buttery-soft feeling fits like your second skin, helping  you get the most out of your yoga time.
·High performance of Stretchy and Recovery
·Moisture-wicking Function keeps you cool
·Antimicrobial technology keeps leggings stay clean

What’s more, we think yoga is one of the way to help you better connect with your body, nature and your inner self, it doesn’t mean you have to be perfect to try it, it’s just one of the possibilities we try to lead a better life. 

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