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Added LYCRA® SPORT Fiber 

Mettshe yoga leggings added 31% Lycra® fiber which is the world’s best-known elastane fiber brand.
LYCRA® SPORT technology fiber stretches to support your every pose which ensure you will not be restrained and restricted in yoga.
And it's superior recovery technology prevents your yoga bottoms from losing their shape and strength. Now whether you like it hot or prefer a light vinyassa, you will be able to flow easily from chaturanga to downward dog without restriction.

Treated with miDori® bioWick Technology

Green and eco-friendly
·Plant seed based actives, bio waste stream components included
·Lower carbon footprint(up to 8 times), greenhouse gas emission vs. synthetic alternatives

Superior performance
·Absorbs Sweat
·Wicks moisture away
·Dries faster

Treated with SILVADUR™ Intelligent freshness Technology

SILVADUR™ antimicrobial technology is a durable and effective odor control technology for textiles from DuPont.
1)Stay fresh
   Protecting fabrics against unwanted bacterial so fabrics stay fresh and clean smelling longer. 
   Remains active through 50 washings or more.
3)Resists yellowing
   Won't fade or yellow over time.